Maitimo Admits Van Persie Ever Ask about Persib Bandung

Maitimo Admits Van Persie Ever Ask about Persib Bandung

Persib Bandung midfielder, Raphael Maitimo, claimed to have closeness with Robin van Persie. The naturalized player tells us that until now he is still in communication with the former Arsenal star.

Maitimo said his introduction with the mainstay defender of Machester United striker came when they both defended one of the Eredivisie elite team, Feyernord, and the Dutch junior national team. Now, though not the same anymore, Maitimo claimed to never communicate with Van Persie, who currently plays for Turkish club, Fenerbahce.

“Until now we still support each other, sometimes communication to ask about career and news,” said Maitimo.

Not only that, sometimes Van Persie also asked about the condition Persib. Understandably, this time the team nicknamed Maung Bandung is inhabited former Chelsea player, Michael Essien.

“He also asked how in Persib, he knows there is now Essien and also there (Carlton) Cole who had joined with Persib,” added 33-year-old midfielder.

Is this an indication that Van Persie is interested in playing in Indonesia, especially Persib? Opportunities remain open if he wants to follow in the footsteps of Essien and Cole.

Van Persie is now 34 years old. Nevertheless he is still quite productive, as evidenced from the slowness of 18 goals and five assists from a total of 39 competitive matches last season.

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