PSG Get Advantage of Neymar Purchase

PSG Get Advantage of Neymar Purchase

Paris Saint-Germain will easily get back the money they used to buy Neymar Jr Situs Judi Bola.

The former Barcelona star completed the 222 million Euro transfer process to PSG on Thursday night.

World sports finance expert Vincent Chaudel believes PSG can make the deal a boon for the club.

He stated: “If you go to Champs-Elysées to buy PSG jersey, today you will pay 120 or 130 Euros depending on which option you will take.”

“There are about forty euros going into the club. Well, if you sell a million jersey, which is likely to happen to Neymar jersey, you have already produced 40 million Euro just from the sale of his jersey. ”

“And after that you can benefit from mug sales, with all the merchandise stuff. So, here we have the potential revenue from merchandising merchandise around the world. “

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