Persela Already Learn the Power of Madura United

Persela Already Learn the Power of Madura United

Persela Lamongan will begin their work in the second round of League 1 with facing the host Madura United, Friday (04/08/2017). Laskar Joko Tingkir team coach claimed his students were ready.

Moreover, Persela has a good track record in the first round. They managed to beat Madura United 2-0 when competing in Lamongan.

“Our preparations are ripe. We have also studied the ability of Madura United. We’ve got a game in anticipation of the host, “said assistant coach Persela, Ragin Sudirman, as reported by the club’s official website.

However, Persela be visited Madura United’s cage without his best squad for Eka Ramdani has not recovered from injury. But the striker from Brazil, Ivan Carlos, was able to strengthen the team after finishing Komdis PSSI sanctions.

“Only Eka alone can not play because of injury. Doctor said it took a week to recover Eka injury. For Ivan Carlos can be played, “he said.

The 18 players Persela who went to Madura is Choirul Huda, Ferdinand, Aang Supaman, Rio Pratama Valentino, Taufiq Kasrun, Eki Taufik, Samsul Arifin, M Birrul Walidain, M Agung Pribadi, Juan Revi, Kosuke Yamazaki, Jose Coelho, Zaenal Arifin, Edi Gunawan, Sandi Septian, Fahmi Al Ayyubi, Samsul Arif, and Ivan Carlos.

Meanwhile Saddil Ramdani that could strengthen the current team Tingkir Laskar Joko last game the first round to face Barito Putera also absent. He must re-join the Indonesian national team U-22.

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