Ronaldo Wants to Play With Bale And Benzema

Ronaldo Wants to Play With Bale And Benzema

Cristiano Ronaldo is keen to welcome the Club World Cup to take place this week.

Where Los Blancos is scheduled to test the power of the host, Al Jazirah dibabak semifinal to be held on Thursday local time. And Ronaldo claimed to still consider important tournaments that bring each other champions of this continent.

In a local media interview, Ronaldo said he wanted to bring the third trofir in this diturnamen. Previously, he successfully won the title in 2014 and 2016.

“This is a special tournament for us. You must first win the Champions League if you want to take part of this championship. Our goal here is not to take a vacation, but to become a champion. Let’s focus on getting the next title, “said Ronaldo.

However, Ronaldo admitted if he wants all players Madrid in the best condition ahead of the game later. Including two colleagues in the front lines of Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale.

“I want to perform with them, but the most important thing is that all my colleagues can be free from injuries and other obstacles. Because all players have the same role in this team, “he said.

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